We are half way through our season

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  1. Paterna says:

    / Function For Bubble Sort:void Bsort(int a[],int N) > Takes input from the user, a[] is array that takes inifinte vuelas, N is the number of entries{int i,j,c; > Local variablesfor(i=1;i i can take value from 1 to last but 2nd value (ex: if N = 10, i can take vuelas from 1 to 9){for(j=0;j j can take value from 0 to last but 3rd value (from 0 to 8){if(A[j]>a[j+1]) > a[j] will now hold value in the first position of the entry since array starts from position 0 and a[j+1] will have 2nd value{c=a[j]; > if 1st value is greater than 2nd value then first value is stored to replace the position.a[j]=a[j+1]; > since we know that a[j+1] is small with respect to a[j], we replace the position.a[j+1]=c; > now c is greatest according to comparison so we are replacing c to 2nd position. Now we have sorted the first and second position. The loop goes on.}}}}

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