Ski touring Gran Paradiso April 2012

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  1. Ety says:

    Daisy> 唔知blogspot因咩一直出error唔比我出你個comment 我在此再post:Daisy: Thanks Meling Lam for sharing your enperiexce. So did you just call an ordinary taxi from the street? If so, how close to the expo site entrance did the taxi drop you off? How far you needed to walk to the entrance after the taxi? Sorry for asking specific questions as I will bring my 2 small kids there, therefore I really prefer taking taxi to the nearest entrance but am afraid that we need to walk very long since heard that expo taxi may not be easy to call one.thanks again. Daisy> as I remember they got a number to call those taxi, refer to news: “上海當局已設立一個的士調度平台 世博會期間遊客只需撥打 96822 叫車服務熱線 便可預約世博的士 舒舒服服出入世博會的管控區 ” And if you ever worry about getting a taxi, you can take an ordinary taxi and go to 馬當路地鐵站 (or of coz you can go to that station by subway too), go to take the 世博地鐵專車 then you can get off the 世博地鐵專車 at the 3rd station, then you will find yourself in the middle of the park, near European plaza.

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