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At Itchy Feet we know it can be difficult working out what you really need to take on your trip. So we have used our travel experience to put together trip specific packing lists to help you out. There is nothing worse than lugging unneeded kit around with you- it is heavy and quickly becomes a nuisance.

  • General Advice Sheet

    Little nuggets of information. We have compiled this guide using our experience as active travellers, gear 'users' and owners of Itchy Feet Travel & Outdoor Store. We hope it helps you select the right gear for your travels and for your budget.

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  • African Safari

    An African safari will be the experience of a lifetime. Beautiful sunrises, sunsets, fantastic birdlife and of course, the big guys, will all help you have a magical trip. But do make sure you are well prepared to get the best out of your safari- it can be cold on game drives and the sun can be very powerful.

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  • Big Mountain Adventures, e.g. Kilimanjaro

    For climbing Kilimanjaro, Everest Basecamp, Mont Blanc etc. Whether you are travelling independently or in an organised group you can use this packing list as a guideline for what take. You do need to pack carefully otherwise your pack will be too heavy for you, or your porter, to handle.

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  • South American Adventure including the Inca Trail

    Any trip to Peru will be multi-faceted and you will encounter different climatic zones. The varied terrain, vibrant colours & history you will encounter will be hard to forget. You should be prepared for all weather- so take layers. See the notes beside the trip specific gear for climate tips. For safety you need to be prepared for the worst. Mountain weather can be unpredictable & conditions can be harsh. It is better to take more layers than to be cold.

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  • Round the World

    Travelling for an extended period, staying in budget hotels and hostels, sometimes doing casual work to help fund adventures. Typical trip from October to July: travel from London - Bangkok (travel in S.E Asia) - Australia (work and travel) - New Zealand - Fiji- Vancouver (travel in North America) back to London. If you are a more active traveller and want to do some walking on your travels see our Mountain Adventures Packing List as you will need to take some of that gear with you as well.

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  • Skiing & Snowboarding

    Packing for skiing & snowboarding can be a bit daunting especially when it is your first time to hit the slopes. We have used our experience as skiers to compile a packing list for you. If you feel the cold you will need more layers. I always take an extra pair of leggings with me in mid-winter... it can be cold up there! have fun!

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  • Tropical Rainforest

    Travel in the tropical rainforest is full of challenges - it is lush, gorgeous, hot, humid and a haven for all kinds of wildlife. Taking the right gear will not only make your experience more enjoyable but it will help keep you healthy by protecting you against biting insects, hot sun, and tropical bugs. If you are heading up one of the Tropical Mountains please refer to our High Altitude Packing List as you may need some of that gear too.

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