Baselayer is clothing that you wear next to your skin to keep you warm and dry. We stock two types of baselayer- Merino Wool  & Synthetic:

Merino Wool: This extremely popular baselayer is soft, warm, versatile and extremely comfortable. You can wear wool for days (weeks even) without odour building up. We have tested wool in  tropical, temperate, winter and desert conditions- it is fantastic.

Synthetic:   Is perfect for high perspiration activites -basically if you sweat a lot synthetic will be better for you as it will dry quicker. Wool tends to hold the moisture.  Most synthetic baselayer is now treated with an odour resisting treatment like Patagonia's Gladiodour (a natural odour control that is a safe, durable, non-polluting and effective alternative to silver ion) – this keeps this synthetic baselayer smelling sweet(er).

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