Named for ARCHAEOPTERYX LITHOGRAPHICA, the first reptile to develop the feather for flight, freeing itself from the constraints of the horizontal world.
At Arc'teryx our central purpose is to build the finest products possible.
The Arc'teryx advantage is achieved by merging our unrivaled designs with the best quality, highest performing materials and assembling them in the most innovative and most durable manner for the intended use.
Arc'teryx is a Canadian company, and all of our product design, R&D, and production development is done in-house at our head office in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We are unusual in the outdoor softgoods industry; we choose to design, perform our own patternmaking and develop all of our products in-house, and we have our own 30,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Vancouver. This allows us to readily explore unorthodox design concepts and gives us complete control over the development of new products. As more North American brands move their design and production overseas, Arc'teryx remains a member of an ever-shrinking group of manufacturers that employs a full complement of vertically-capable in-house designers and product developers.
DESIGN: Every Arc'teryx product is engineered to meet the needs of the most demanding athlete. Activity-specific patterning ensures complete freedom of movement, and each product is critically scrutinized and detailed for the intended activity.

MATERIALS: Arc'teryx works closely with textile manufacturers to select and aid in the development of the highest performing and most durable materials available in order to maximize the performance properties of our products.

CONSTRUCTION: Arc'teryx is the only major outdoor clothing manufacturer to have its own manufacturing facilities. This allows us to readily develop proprietary manufacturing processes, enabling us to efficiently create superior features that other manufacturers simply cannot build.

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